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RE: Design load for building in flood regions

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Title: RE: Design load for building in flood regions

        I assume that the the project resides in a "designated floodplain" within the City or County.  Out here in Calif. most cities have adopted "Flood Plain Oridnances" that seem to adhere to a Calif or National standard.  This standard is very much the same as that established by FEMA.

        If they have adopted an ordinance, the specifics of the oridnance will probably spell out the design criteria which is dependent on the project flood plain designation, ie., coastal, tidal or river.  These conditions each impart different types of design conditions such as finish floor elevation, foundation system, breakaway walls and utilities and forces on a structure, such as flowing water, wave impact, boyancey, etc.

        If there is no oridinace, check the available FEMA publications for design guidlines, their are many and most are very helpful.  They have a web-site but don't have it to pass on.  You can do a search though.

        Steve Widmayer, PE

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Subject: Design load for building in flood regions

I have been asked to design a new residential building located in a flood
zone.  After reviewing the provisions of chapter 31 of CBC,
Section 3110.2 refer to hydrodynamic ....and, impact loads....or approved
national standards.  Can anyone shed some light on how I can quantify these



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