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Re: HVFA Concrete

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I did not see any publications with design procedures, etc after searching
through my 2002 ACI MCP or after doing a publication search on ACI's
website (under the Publications:ACI Journals menu option).  I would
recommend tossing that question ACI's way at techinq(--nospam--at)


Ypsilanti, MI

On Wed, 15 Jan 2003, Nels Roselund, SE wrote:

> A number of articles in Concrete International over the past couple of years
> [for example, September 2002, July, 2002, March 2001] have been lauding the
> benefits of High Volume Fly Ash Concrete.  Durability, one of my particular
> interests because of my work on preservation of historic buildings, is high
> on the list of benefits.  For the growing number of those interested in
> Green Construction, the reduction in CO2 emissions by 50% [at the rate of a
> ton of CO2 per ton of portland cement] or more to produce cement for a given
> amount of concrete is very attractive.  55% to 65% cement replacement with
> Type F fly ash is proposed.  P.K. Mehta and V.M. Malhotra are prominent
> names in field of HVFA concrete.
> Are procedures for design and control of HVFA concrete mixtures available
> and being used in the construction industry?  Do you know of a reference
> intended for design use [not a textbook]?  Is the Ready-mix industry geared
> up to produce HVFA concrete?
> Nels Roselund
> Structural Engineer
> South San Gabriel, CA
> njineer(--nospam--at)

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