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bomb shelter

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Dear Gentleman:

I am an engineer in a far away land, and I have been asked by my superior
great engineer to design a bomb shelter made of reinforced concrete. I
expect it to be 20-30ft underground, and it needs to be able to withstand at
a minimum the blast of about a 3000lb conventional ground penetrating bomb,
or what you yankees call a "bunker buster". It also may need to withstand
the hydrostatic pressure of all the oil we have in our ground. Can anyone
reccomend any ACI or ASTM standards on which I may base my design? The soil
here is sandy;  very, very , very SANDY. Your help will be much appreciated
as my life and others depend on it. Time is of the essence as well, as this
shelter needs to be ready, at what seems to be any day now.

Good day.

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