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RE: HVFA Concrete

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Those are pretty healthy doses of flyash. What sort of adjustments do you need to make to account for slower strength gain? Do slab finishers ever have any trouble with finishing, or determining when to begin finishing? Do you require the forms to stay up longer on wall and overhead work? Do you specify a 56 day strength instead of 28 day?

The few ready mix companies I've spoken to around here are reluctant to use anything over 30%.

Mark D. Webster, P.E.
Simpson Gumpertz & Heger, Inc.
41 Seyon Street
Waltham, MA

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Subject: RE: HVFA Concrete
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We are regularly using 50%-70% fly ash on projects at this time in the
Houston area, and the ready-mix suppliers are well versed in supplying
the materials needed.

Eric Green, PE

Walter P Moore

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Subject: HVFA Concrete

A number of articles in Concrete International over the past couple of
years [for example, September 2002, July, 2002, March 2001] have been
lauding the benefits of High Volume Fly Ash Concrete.  Durability, one
of my particular interests because of my work on preservation of
historic buildings, is high on the list of benefits.  For the growing
number of those interested in Green Construction, the reduction in CO2
emissions by 50% [at the rate of a ton of CO2 per ton of portland
cement] or more to produce cement for a given amount of concrete is very
attractive.  55% to 65% cement replacement with Type F fly ash is
proposed.  P.K. Mehta and V.M. Malhotra are prominent names in field of
HVFA concrete.

Are procedures for design and control of HVFA concrete mixtures
available and being used in the construction industry?  Do you know of a
reference intended for design use [not a textbook]?  Is the Ready-mix
industry geared up to produce HVFA concrete?

Nels Roselund
Structural Engineer
South San Gabriel, CA

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