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Re: Shoring Design

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Daryl Richardson stated:

"But this still leaves the question "Who designs the shoring systems on
behalf of the contractor if no engineers will do it?"  Clearly there is a
dilemma here that must be solved if civilization is to flourish."
I would suggest that the trick is to learn to manage the risk.   Structural
and geotechnical engineering are seen as high risk professions yet many
firms make a profit.  Remember not so many years ago geotechnical engineers
could not get insurance, so they learned to manage the risk.

First I would only provide this service when my client was the Contractor. 
This would go a long way to eliminating  a number of problems..

Second do things by the numbers.  Those engineers that Stan mentioned most
likely did not believe they had any responsibility and thus had done
nothing to manage the problem.

--Have a good contract that clearly defines your scope.
--Work closely with the geotechnical engineer.
--Work hard to become an expert.  When starting out have your work reviewed
by a recognized "expert".
--Find the safety experts and understand what they believe should be done
and develop a program that addresses these issues.
--Clearly document your deliiverables.
--Require that there be an inspection program to verify shoring was
properly installed.
--Only work for a Contractor that has a good safety record and a well
established training program.
--Charge enough to justify the effort.

This level of service may cost more but somebody has to pay the cost.  If
you manage this process well you should be able to make a good profit with
minimal risk.  It would not supprise me if there were a number of
individuals out there who were doing exactly this.

Thus the answer is to manage your risks by chosing your client, doing a
quality job, working to elimniate sources of claims, and last but not least
charging enough money.

Mark Gilligan

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