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single angle compression members

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Ever since I came across the section on single angle struts in AISC's ASD 9th Edition (page 3-55), I have been careful not to just do a calc. using kl/rz and calculate Fa to determine the allowable axial compression load.  For example, the capacity of the L2x2 in Example 10 based solely on kl/r would be 13.3 kips, but when the connection eccentricities are taken into account, the allowable load is only 4.5 kips.  Obviously, this approach has a significant impact on single angle compression member sizing.
Recently, two of my co-workers attended AISC's seminar on bracing and had a chance to discuss the issue with Joseph Yura.  At that time, Joseph indicated that there has been extensive testing of single angles by the transmission tower industry (and others) and they have found the AISC approach to be overly conservative.
I would like to find out where I can get accepted guidelines that incorporate this test data.  Joseph also indicated that AISC is working on this.  If this is the case, would it be possible to get an advance copy of what they are proposing? (Charlie?)  We have a number of trusses for conveyors that we are designing and I'm sure that this information would result in considerable savings.
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