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RE: Historic Structure Retrofit in CA

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Title: Historic Structure Retrofit in CA
The State Historic code (in chapter 34 of CBC) has general structural provisions for buildings. If you want to only upgrade the cripple walls of a wood framed buildings, there are provisions in the UCBC that you can use. However, for general seismic upgrades, chapter 34 is the place to start.
Ben Yousefi, SE
san Jose, CA 
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Subject: Historic Structure Retrofit in CA

Can someone tell me what the latest/most current applicable code is for retrofit of a historic wood framed structure in California?

I know the UCBC is used for URM retrofits and Im wondering if there is 1) a newer version than the 97 version (I think thats the year it came out) and 2) if it contains provisions for wood framed structures.



Santa Clara, CA