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Re: Cast-in-place Box Culvert Analysis and Design

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have you tried LA County Flood control division. I have seen their manual
some time ago.  I can tell you, they have charts dealing with design of Box
culverts utilizing moment distribution to come up with the design.  As you
know there are many variables involved such as surcharge loads, live loads,
Truck loading and in some cased pressur head values that get included.  I
have tried LA Box program in the past, an approved software by the County,
the LaB Box was developed by Woodcrest engineering in Riverside CA, (909)
70-2843.  The cost of program is 275.00 and is done in old Dos but would
run in windows.  It takes about a couple of hours to sort through the input
file criteria, the output is rather quick and with LA Box you get a single
barrel or double barrel schedule and details plan to transfer your output
data for construction of the Box.  The program is relatively easy to use.
hope that helps.
Samir Ghosn, P.E.
Harris & Associates

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>   I    would think most state highway departments have specific design
>procedures.    Possibly some railroads may have design guidelines also.    
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>Subject:      Cast-in-place Box Culvert Analysis and Design
>     Does anyone have or know where I can find      analysis and design
>information for cast-in-place box culverts?           Thanks in advance,   
> Doug

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