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Re: plan irregularity type 4 - 97 UBC

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----- 4. Diaphragm force (keep in mind that diaphragm to be designed for Fpx load plus load input from wall above (1633.2.9 item 2)[Yousefi, Ben]  No 
4a. Apply omega to Fpx?[Yousefi, Ben]  No [Mark] I must point out that the example in Volume II (page 75) applies omega to Fpx for this condition.
4b. Apply omega to load from wall above?[Yousefi, Ben]  Question is not clear 
Expanded 4b.: When adding the shear wall force (wall above) to the diaphragm force Fpx, should omega be applied to the additive shear wall force? I don't beleive so because the shear wall force is a result of the base shear equation which will have rho factored in. You would really be piling up the load by also applying omega.
5. Apply omega to shear walls below diaphragm (dependant upon awnser to 4a & 4b)?[Yousefi, Ben]  No 
I would love to have a building official response but don't let that discourage everyone else from their input. Ben Yousefi, are you out there?
One question you left out is: if the beam supporting the discontinuous shear wall is designed with Omega, should the connection for the beam, the columns supporting it, etc, all be designed for Omega? The jury is still our on that. My personal opinion is probably not. But, I could be wrong.
[Mark] I have never carried the omega level force through the post/beam and beam/foundation connections and have yet to be asked to do so by a plan checker but.......
Thank you very much for your responses Ben, it is greatly appreciated.