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Re: Enercalc

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Try to work around these problems.

Because, the price is unbeatable.

At 10:31 AM 1/22/2003 -0600, you wrote:

I ve been trying out the Continuous Beam Analysis portion of Enercalc the last few days, and I think I have found a couple of bugs:


1.  When applying point loads to a continuous beam, loads falling on supports are recognized if placed at the beginning point of the following span but not if placed at the end point of the preceeding span.  Makes me glad I check my reactions.


2.  If your loads cause moment reversal in a span (negative moment across an entire span), the maximum midspan moment is listed as zero; it doesn t tell you the correct midspan moment.


Also, the Copy command seems to quit working intermittently.  Repeated attempts to fax questions to Enercalc s help desk have not gone through, so I don t have an answer from them.


Has anyone else had these problems, or others?  Thanks,


Mike Hemstad


St. Paul, Minnesota