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Re: steep pitcheed roof diaphragms

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The force that a diaphragm applies to a wall as it restrains the wall  acts
in the plane of the diaphragm.  Thus, a steeply sloped diaphragm apples a
force with a vertical component to the wall that is anchored to it -- this
needs to be taken into account in the connections.  Its deformation is also
in its own plane.  At the ridge, the horizontal shear component of the force
can be transferred from one diaphragm plane to the other, but the two planes
tend to displace vertically in opposite directions -- each displaces in its
own plane.  Connections are needed at the ridge to handle the vertical

I have played around a little in trying to figure out how the diaphragm
forces are distributed through a hip roof, but still don't have a very good
understanding.  Maybe when Thor Matteson finishes with his book all about
plywood shear walls, maybe he'll write a book all about plywood diaphragms
that will explain sloped diaphragms.

Nels Roselund
Structural Engineer
South San Gabriel, CA

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