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RE: Welding over a Shim Plate

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This issue is addressed in AWS 2000, p.7 and 8.

Be aware of mill tolerances of the WF. Filler plates may be ¼ in or thicker.


John W.S.


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Subject: Welding over a Shim Plate


I have a concern about a connection detail.  The connection is for a wide flange diagonal brace to a wide flange column.  Two gusset plates sandwich the members.  The gussets are bolted to the brace and each gusset is fillet welded to the column flange.  A potential problem arises because the brace is ~3/8" deeper than the column, so a 3/16" shim plate is required between the gusset and the column flange.  The shims will hopefully be sized to match the contact area between the gusset plate and the column flange.


Would the weld between the gusset and the column flange have to be considered to "bridge" the distance that the shim fills?  I think, at a minimum, that the leg of the weld would have to be increased by the thickness of the shim, but of course, the shop drawings don't suggest to do so.