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Fwd: Break-away walls

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Please see attached letter.
Himat Solanki
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Since Section 6.4.3, Section and Commentary C6.5.2.2  of ASCE 7-98
allow "Air-permeable wall claddings for partial air pressure. Since it recommends few referencs including the following paper
"Wind Loadings on Porous Cladding" by: J.C.J. Cheung and W.H. Melbourne
Proceedings 9th Australian Conf. on Fluid Mechanics, 1986. 
I have tried at the Linda Hall Library as well as FEMA 55 and FEMA 361, but no luck so far.
If nay one has this paper or how to get it, please help me.
Meamwhile I am considering the following two approaches:
(1) Since the pressure is a function of velocity square, I calculated the
" Delta V". Then I calculated the velocity thru orifice, because the porous  cladding could be considered as "Air Flow Thru Orifice". I compared the two values of velocities.
(2) Cladding - Wall: Considered wall will fail due to the tensile strength of wall material (porous concrete). Based on the moment due to wind load, and the wall cross section (section modulus), I calculated the tensile stress
 and compared with the allowable tensile stress (Lack of Test data I used 0.1f'c for tensile strength) and compared these two values.

Am I on the right direction?  Please advise and help ( research paper).
Thanks in advance
Himat Solanki, P.E., S.E.
Fax: 941-861-6029
e-mail: hsolanki(--nospam--at)

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