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Re: lintel

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I have a 12" thick concrete block wall and a 8'-0" opening.  For a bending moment of 8.9 kNm (there is a floor and wall above and then the roof) 2-L102x76x6.4 do the job, but I chose 2-L102x102x6.4 to avoid mistakenly reversal of the angle when installing the lintel.
Thank you for the help and prompt response.
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        What I do in this situation is cut the mortar joint out (or cut a groove in the masonry units if the new doorway doesn't coincide with a mortar joint), extend this cut about 8" past each side of the doorway, insert an angle in the saw cut and grout it in place.  Do this from both sides of the wall before you remove the doorway masonry.  After removing the doorway masonry weld some quarter inch plate tabs between the angles.

        I'll leave the sizing of the angles up to you.  If the masonry pattern is running bond I would use a triangular load increasing at 45 degrees from each end towards the centre of the span and ignore any roof loads which are above this load block.  If it's stacked bond I would use the full weight of the wall above plus all of the superimposed roof load.

        I don't think I'd use less than L 3x3.  If you have a really large doorway (say a 16' truck doorway, for instance) you might have to use channels instead of angles or add a steel beam underneath and perhaps add columns to support this lintel but that's beyond the magnitude of information provided.


H. Daryl Richardson

vlad wrote:

Can anyone help with ideas on how to insert a new steel lintel in an existing concrete block wall in order to create a new door opening?The lintel supports the wall above and 400 plf of floor load.TIA Vlad