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Invitation for Indian Structural Engineers

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Invitation to Join

Structural Engineers Forum of India.

The structural engineering profession in India, formally and informally,
deeply impacts urban and rural life across our vast country. Our society
places on it a serious responsibility towards ensuring design and
implementation of quality, safe, affordable and functional structures.

Yet the structural engineering profession is currently assailed by many
problems. There is a growing sense of disillusionment and lack of motivation
in the members of this profession. Problems of poor perception of structural
engineers in the society, poor professional remuneration, poor interaction
between fellow engineers, lack of ethics plague the profession. There is
presently no structural engineering association at a national level, which
addresses the needs and problems of the profession.

During the e-conference organized by NICEE on professional issues in
Structural Engineering last August, a large number of participants felt the
need of a forum where they can interact & share views on a regular basis. So
we have taken the initiative to launch a web site ,
symbolically on Jan 26, 2003, the second anniversary of the Bhuj earthquake.

The features of this website which the members may find useful for
information access & knowledge sharing, are described below.

1) Discussion forums & mailing list : Where technical & professional issues
pertaining to Structural Engineering can be discussed.

2) Useful links page : Which gives URLs to internet based information
resources like Structural Engineering organizations, societies, institutes,
software, journals & publications worldwide & specific to Indian context

3) Articles Page :  Where members can post articles of interest to the
Structural Engineering community.

4) Software Page : Where members can upload software routines & spreadsheets
etc. for sharing among the members.

5) E-conferences : We will be holding e-conferences periodically on topics
of interest.

This is only a modest beginning, and by the continuous support, interaction
& contribution from the members, it can become the One Stop Resource Center
for the Structural Engineering community & allied fields. This is only the
beginning. We would appreciate & welcome any suggestions you have regarding
the web-site.

Initially we are starting with only one general mailing list, but as we
grow, we can add more topic specific mailing lists like professional issues,
technical discussions, codes & standards related etc.

For joining & participating in the general mailing list all you have to do
is to send a blank email to subscribe-general(--nospam--at) from the email
ID on which you would like to receive your emails. The other option is to go
to Discussion Group page on the site & subscribe from there. The access to
the site is free & open to all. Please forward this email to all the people
who may be interested.

With best regards from

Dr. Sudhir.K.Jain - Professor & Head, Civil Engineering Department,
Alpa Sheth - Consulting Structural Engineer - Mumbai
Dhirendra Tripathi - C.E.O. Karmyogi Services,  Alumnus of IIT-Kanpur based
at Ahmedabad
Sudhir Badami - Structural Engineer - Mumbai
Pankaj Gupta - Consulting Structural Engineer - New Delhi

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