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RE: Fw: Plywood Folded Plate Design

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Surprisingly enough, our help desk was inundated with requests for APA Research Report 121.  The report has been scanned (PDF) and is now available at our website, free of charge.  The PDF is 3.6 Mbytes, consisting of 100 fax quality pages.  I do not want to give the direct link since there is some introductory text at the publication store.
You can access the publication store at the below link (or go to the APA web page and click on publication store)
Once there, you can find the document by searching with any of the three following keywords strings:
1.)  plywood folded plate
2.)  research report 121
3.)  Form V910
Please note the disclaimer, and I'll reconfirm our helpdesk response that was forwarded to the list late last week.  This publication is still considered out of print, and is no longer maintained.  Therefore, technical questions will not be answered.
It is my understanding that the publication will be available for approximately 1 month.  All bets are off after Feb 28, 2003.
Have fun,
Thomas D. Skaggs, Ph.D., P.E.
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Thanks.  Tom already mailed me to say that they will try to make it accessible on line.
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I had a copy of APA Report 121 on folded plate design (e.g. pitched roof diaphragm design method), which replaced the older version which you referenced. I did not take a copy with me when I retired from APA, and I'm not certain that I could copy it since it was copyrighted.  However, I'm lobbying APA's Technical Services Division to make copies available, which maybe they will do by an Internet downloadable version. It is a valuable reference as a design method for pitched roof diaphragms, which also can be adapted to conventional pitched roof framing designs (e.g. trusses or rafters) with engineering judgement.
John Rose
APA (retired)
Tacoma, WA

vicpeng wrote:

To John Rose John. I asked APA if they had a recent copy of the APA Laboratory Bulletin 58-B, "Plywood Folded Plate Design Method" mentioned in the recent thread. It's now out of print, and Roger Turk, who has an earlier copy, has suggested you may have recent copy that you may be able to copy to me. Is that possible? Thanks. 
Thor A Tandy  P.Eng, MIPENZ
Victoria BC
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