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Re: Pocket PC

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I have a Dell Axim and think it's pretty neat, but I wouldn't recommend it as a substitute for a laptop.  The functionality is greatly diminished.  I bought it primarily for entertainment during travel and to organize my contacts, calendar, etc.  Most spreadsheets I use at work don't work on the Axim - I guess it has to do with converting functions and macros to Excel's CE version.  However, I can carry around PDFs (pretty useful) and some basic spreadsheets (mildly useful).  The game Conquest (a RISK knockoff) is pretty cool too :)
P.S. For lots of free software, try and click on the appropriate links.  Pocket PC, Mac, and Windows are all there, and there are quite a few useful applications if you're willing to spend the time searching.

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To all:

Recently, there was a thread on Pocket PC.  I have been thinking of buying
one but have not been able to decide.  I would like some input based on your
experience.  The things I am debating about are:

1.  The pocket PC cost is in the $500 range compared to a laptop currently
available at $800 range.  Of course, the pocket PC has the advantage in
size, but is that a good enough reason?
2.  What can you do with a pocket PC - in terms of engineering activites.  I
have seen the highend handhelds that can do word and excel.  However, with
the limitation of the screen size, is this something you use?  Can one use a
excel spreadsheet for design efficiently on the Pocket PC and high end palm
3.  I know the use will vary from person to person.  But for a typical
consulting structural engineer, is is worth spending the $500.  I do have
plam handheld that I use as a glorified calender (dates, phones, etc.)- but
other than that , I see little use (so far, anyway).

I would apprecite your comments and any recommendations.


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