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instability of reinforcement in RC members

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To all:

I'm working in instability of reinforcement, and I
would like to know if there exists a study of stability
of reinforcement with interaction with concrete, because
I have seen that a lot of studies don't consider this

If you have one of the papers shown in the relationship below or some
work on Instability of  Longitudinal Bars  in columns of  reinforced
concrete or cover spalling in columns, I am thanked if you can send

Author: Albanesi, S.; Biondi, S.
Title: On Longitudinal Reinforcement Buckling in flexural R/C members
Subjected to strong inelastic Loads
Citation: 10 th 	European Conference on Earthquake
Engineering, A. A. Balkema, Rotterdam, 1995, pages 1613-1618, Vol. 3

Author: Kato, D.
Title:Buckling behaviors of steel bars in R/C columns (in english)
Citation: Journal of Structural and Construction Engineering
(Transactions of AIJ), 436, 1992, pages

Author:Kato, D.; et al.
Title: Design method to prevent buckling of main bars in RC
Citation: Pacif Conference on Earthquake Engineering, Melbourne,
Australia, 20-22 November 1995, pages 117-126

Author:Suda, Kumiko; Masukawa,Junji.
Title: Models for Concrete Cover Spalling and Reinforcement Buckling
of Reinforced Concrete

Thank you, sincerely yours,

Salete Souza de  Oliveira Buffoni.
Rua General Polidoro 43, apto 304
Rio de Janeiro - Brasil

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