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RE: Retsining Wall Seismic

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Title: RE: Retsining Wall Seismic

Not all Calif. structures need to be designed using Chap. 16A.  16A only applies to State schools and hospitals.  If you are not designing for these types of projects you can use Chap. 16 which does not require that the ret. wall be designed for seismic forces.  But, you may know this already...

Steve Widmayer, PE

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Subject: Retsining Wall Seismic

I assume all engineers in California are now designing to the 2001 CBC since that code was adopted November 1st by most, if not all, jurisdictions. Has anyone complied with sec. 1611A.6 and 1630A1.1, paragraph 5 re. earthquake forces on retaining walls??

I am presently designing a building with 12.5 feet of retained earth on 3 sides. The soils engineer has given me seismic horizontal earth forces of 69(HxH) #/ft for restrained walls and 27(HxH) #/ft for cantilevered walls, in addition to the EFP. These formulas produce forces on the walls, and building, which are impractical, (impossible?), to design to. Any comments?

Larry Hauer, S.E.

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