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FW: short double angles

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We have quite a few fairly short (3'+-) double angles to 
> detail and are being questioned regarding using two 
> intermediate connectors.  It seems to me that according 
> to AISC, we have to have them, but it certainly does look 
> excessive.  Am I missing some loophole that I should 
> know about that would tell me that I don't need to use 
> two intermediate connectors?  I am looking at the LRFD 
> 3rd edition and they indicate a minimum of two 
> intermediate connectors for all lengths (the tables go down 
> to 2'). 
If you want to treat these as double angles, two stitches is the minimum.
If you want to eliminate the stitches, you could design the angles as a pair of single-angle compression members. That changes the potential behavior a bit (flexural-torsional buckling can occur in each angle independently, for example). But at the length you've got, it should not be hard to calculate a size that will work.