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FYI. Those who are interested.

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     Software Demonstration and Training in Houston, March 7th

   Suncoast Post-Tension and ADAPT are staging a half-day seminar
 to present the latest developments in design software to
 leading consultants in the Houston area and neighboring states.
 The seminar scheduled on Friday, March 7th is hosted by
 Suncoast Post-Tension in Houston. Dr Bijan Aalami will present
 the BUILDER Software Suite for the analysis and design of
 post-tensioned buildings and parking structures. The
 presentation will be highlighted by project examples showing
 the prominent features of the program for enhancing the
 productivity of consulting firms, along with increased accuracy
 and economy. Concrete design engineers wishing to keep abreast
 of the developments, and retain their competitive edge, are
 strongly encouraged to attend this presentation. There is no
 charge to the participants. Each participant will receive a
 free copy of the educational version of the software (a $350
 value). The presentation is scheduled between 8:30 AM and 1:00 PM.
 After the formal presentation, Dr. Aalami and engineers from
 Suncoast Post-Tension will be available to answer questions on
 post-tensioning in general and the software in particular. The
 BUILDER Suite includes ADAPT-Modeler, FLOOR-Pro, ADAPT-MAT, and
 ADAPT-SOG, and links to ADAPT-PT and ADAPT-RC. For additional
 information contact: mailto:info(--nospam--at) or

 Register early to guarantee your place for this
 informative seminar.

   Felten, the preeminent consulting structural engineers of
 ground supported post-tensioned slabs in Phoenix and the Las
 Vegas area, had two of their design engineers receive a one-day
 training at ADAPT's California headquarters on the design of
 ground supported slabs using the Enhanced PTI method. The
 training included a critical review of the design concepts and
 procedures of post-tensioned slabs on expansive and
 compressible soils, along with the application of the
 Enhanced-PTI method using the ADAPT-SOG software.

  If you or your company are interested in receiving training on
 ADAPT software, please contact us at mailto:info(--nospam--at)
 to arrange for training in your office or at our office.

    Dr. Florian Aalami, Principal in Charge of New Development

   ADAPT received a major boost to its activities on new
 software development, global sales, and marketing last month
 when Dr. Florian Aalami joined the company as a Principal.
 Florian will be driving ADAPT's global presence with the vision
 of further strengthening the company's position as the leading
 provider of software and specialty consulting services for the
 concrete design industry. Florian's extensive career in AEC
 software development includes his founding of BuildPoint
 Corporation where he holds the executive management positions
 of CTO and VP of Business Development. Dr. Aalami earned a
 bachelor's degree in civil engineering from U.C. Berkeley and
 a master's degree in structural engineering and doctoral degree
 in construction technology from Stanford University. 

      New ADAPT-BUILDER Program Releases
   You will be interested to learn that ADAPT has now released
 the two programs, ADAPT-SOG and ADAPT-MAT, that many of you
 have been waiting for.

=> ADAPT-SOG (Slabs-on-Ground)
  This program is for the design of ground-supported foundation
 slabs of residential buildings or light industrial structures
 on expansive or compressible soil. The slab can be of uniform
 thickness or ribbed, and reinforced with post-tensioning
 tendons. It covers both center lift and edge lift conditions,
 as well as other load cases not covered by the PTI method.
 ADAPT-SOG is an enhancement of the PTI method (E-PTI).

   If you are interested in receiving a free copy of the report
 (42pp) on evaluation of the PTI method and the introduction of
 the E-PTI, please send your contact information to ADAPT at 

  This program is designed for mat foundation slabs with or
 without beams, and with or without post-tensioning. The mat is
 supported on elastic soil and distributes the load from above
 to the soil below. The software can handle any mat foundation
 geometry and loading with or without loss of contact with the
 soil. The program gives the location, number and length of the
 required reinforcement.

=> ADAPT-FLOOR Pro Release 1.09
  The primary improvements of version 1.09 over its predecessors
 are the increased speed of operation, and a new streamlined
 approach in data generation and the viewing of results, along
 with the elimination of reported bugs. Users with standard or
 extended technical support agreements will be receiving this
 new version shortly free of charge.

=>Brazil: Feb 21, 2003
  In association with Belgo Mineira, Impacto, and the Structural
 Engineering Association of Ceara, ADAPT will participate in a
 one-day seminars on the construction and design of
 post-tensioned buildings, including state-of-the-art design
 software, to be held in Fortaleza 21 February, 2003. For
 further information, contact ADAPT's representative in Brazil:
 Ing.Giordano J. Loureiro at mailto:giordano(--nospam--at) 
 Fax: 55-85-252.3339, Phone: 55-85-252.2421.

=>Dubai: March 20, 2003 and March 22, 2003
  Dr. Aalami will be presenting 2, one-day seminars in Dubai on
 March 20th and March 22nd, 2003. One seminar will cover
 concepts and design procedure. The other seminar will cover
 application of software to design concrete buildings, including
 post-tensioning. These seminars are for engineers and other
 construction professionals engaged in the design / review of
 post-tensioned structures, or are eager to learn the
 fundamentals and details of post-tensioned design technology,
 including structural modeling, numerical examples, computer
 modeling, and analyses, design detailing and construction
 techniques. For further information and registering, please
 contact: Mr. Shadi at the Society of Engineers by e-mail 
 mailto:uaesoe(--nospam--at) Phone: 00971(06)5565522,
 Fax: 00971(06)5565252 or ADAPT at mailto:info(--nospam--at) 

     ADAPT-Modeler (ver. 2.05)
     ADAPT-FLOOR Pro (ver. 1.09) 
     ADAPT-PT (ver 6.18)
     ADAPT-RC (ver. 4.01) 

   ADAPT-FELT (ver. 4.07) 

   ADAPT-PULT (ver. 3.02) 

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