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Re: Dudes: Skatepark Advice Requested

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Miscellaneous Comments:

1.  You might look at the crsi web site ( for information on CRCP (Continuously Reinforced Concrete Pavement) - they have sponsored alot of research on topic.

2.  Euclid sells a product called "Diamond Hard"  which is a combination densifier and surface sealer - this is what is used in a lot of warehouses to increase abrasion resist and reduce liquid adsorption.

3. I would hestitate to take any recommendations straight out of ACI 302,  or any other ACI document for that matter.  ACI documents are consensus documents,  sometimes the person who is the most persistent wins,  sometimes the recommendations are compromises that noone really likes.  It would be better to try and get input/opinions from tradesman in your area.  

4.  Perhaps a stupid question - but have you looked at what other cities have done for their skateboard parks?

Gail S. Kelley, P.E.