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RE: FW: Fire ratings to UBC 1997

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The main reason open parking structures are given so much latitude is that they are the only occupancy that is permitted in a building. This means that you cannot mix the parking with any other types of occupancy such as business, mercantile or residential in one building. The building should exclusively be used for the parking of cars. That way you’ll reduce the chance of loosing life or injury to occupants, which is the main intent of the code. At least that’s how the UBC provisions are written.



Ben Yousefi, SE

San Jose, CA


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Something that I have never understood:

Open parking structures are considered less of a fire hazard because they have good ventilation.

It would seem to me however that this would actually make them worse of a fire hazard, because there would be more oxygen to contribute to the fire,  plus the fire would be more like to spread.

Am I missing something?

Gail S. Kelley