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RE: FW: Fire ratings to UBC 1997

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IIRC, PCA conducted fire tests in open parking garages about 20 or so years 
ago.  I don't have the particulars at hand right now, but I believe that 
their tests showed that the openness of the garage prevented heat from 
building up.  Something similar to firemen venting a building to release the 
heat from inside.  I also believe that the tests showed that vehicles  
adjacent to the involved vehicle were not likely to become involved.

A number of years ago, I was inspecting an industrial building and noticed 
that they had their roof vents wired shut.  The maintenance supervisor said 
that they did that because the vents kept popping open.  He expressed the 
same concerns that you have when I told him that they were supposed to open 
at a certain temperature to vent the heat from the building.  (At one time, I 
bought a thermometer for my car to see how hot it got inside in the 
summertime.  I threw the thermometer out when it pegged at 145 deg.)

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

Gail Kelley wrote:

. > Something that I have never understood: 

. > Open parking structures are considered less of a fire hazard because they
. > have good ventilation. 

. > It would seem to me however that this would actually make them worse of a
. > fire hazard, because there would be more oxygen to contribute to the fire,
. > plus the fire would be more like to spread. 

. > Am I missing something? 

. > Gail S. Kelley

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