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Re: FW: Fire ratings to UBC 1997

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My specific question on parking garages was related to the post:

"Please note that these liberal limits are in recognition of the very low fire hazard levels in open parking structures, mainly due to good ventilation. These rules do not apply to closed parking strucutres".

I can't see how ventilation necessarily reduces the fire hazard.  

There is nominally no difference in the combustibility or fuel availability of an open versus a closed parking garage, if they are both built of the same material.  

Also, I'm not sure temperature is an issue - at 700 F, the yield strength of rebar is still about 80% of its initial value.  The strength is regained when the steel cools.

It is not a requirement to have sprinklers in open structures,  per the IBC  (or at least per my understanding of the IBC).  Typically, parking garages do have sprinklers but I think the main reason alot of time is it allows a sizeable decrease in insurance premiums.

With some limited exceptions, open parking structures are restricted to just parking passenger cars.

Gail S. Kelley