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Appendix B and sloping shear wall top chords

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Greetings, fellow shear wall enthusiasts:

Due to great demand for "Appendix B--Engineering Principles of Shear Walls
with Sloping Top Plates,"  I have made the PDF file available at --the link is about half-way down the page.

PLEASE do not e-mail me with direct requests for the Appendix.

I have also added information to the Appendix in response to a comment that
several people have made, that the force in the roof diaphragm delivers a
_purely horizontal_  force to the sloping top plate of the shear wall.
Diaphragms (by definition) only carry forces within their own plane.   A
dramatic example shows that  the bending stress produced in the diaphragm
sheathing  by an out-of-plane "diaphragm" force component would  be over
35,000 psi.

I am very interested in other well-reasoned opinions on the behavior of
sloped shear walls.  Begin with statics, and work from there;  making
assertions that can't be backed up by a free-body diagram won't get us

Thor Matteson

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