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RE: Shop Drawing Stamp

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Title: Shop Drawing Stamp
Check with your insurance carrier about the shop drawing stamp.  They may have specific language they want you to use, or at least some "do"s and "don't"s they want you to take note of.  Most insurers are happy to help you when it involves reducing the liability you pose to them. 
Paul Crocker
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Subject: Shop Drawing Stamp

Anyone have a good shop drawing stamp they would care to share? If you could fax me a copy of it that would be much appreciated.

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Also, anyone know what the going rate is on self inking engineering stamps? I know there are places on the internet that can do it, but I'd also like to support my local stamp shop if possible. I think I paid 40 bucks for my civil stamp (self inking) about 3 years ago. I'd also like to get the big 2" diameter stamp because I'm an egomaniac :>) . I paid $40 for the 1 5/8" diameter last time. The stamp guy said he couldn't get a self inking one in a 2" diameter - anyone have one of these?

Thanks in advance.


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