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Re: laminated or double glass modeling

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You need equations that deal with the support from the air space between the panes.  The Canadian code Can/CGSB-12.20-M89 has such equations that will provide all the data and equations you need.  It's a bit too big to copy (and there's copyright) but you can get a copy from Global Engineering Documents at http//
The other aspect is that under snow, or "long duration" loading, the laminated glass creeps and that reduces the "reference" strength of the unit.

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Subject: laminated or double glass modeling

in any structural analysis software When I model a plate of a double glass unit consists of 1/4"out panel - 1/2 air space - 1/4 inner panel or laminated glass 1/4" glass + 1/32" interlayer PVB+ 1/4"glass, What is the equivalent monolithic thickness of the composite plate in the mentioned two cases (case of double glass panel and case of laminated glass panel)

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