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Re: modeling of composite panels

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Your model is going to have three, or more, aspects to it.
1)    The behaviour of a homogeneous uniform thickness.
2)    The behaviour of the lamination material between the sheets.  That behaviour is dependent on the duration of the load.  Long-term snow means lower capacity.
3)    The behaviour of the gas between the two "panes".
4)    The interactive behaviour of all or some of those behaviours in 1) to 3).
It's going to be a three dimensional analysis for two way spanning panes,  I.e. panes with aspect ratio less than 2:1.
The Canadian code uses data from tests and analysis.  I still suggest getting that, or an equivalent text, to check your analysis, otherwise you may get an error.  I found that in trying to do FEM on stand-alone glass guard assemblies.  I also found that with RISA I had to be careful on the input mesh and the result interpretations.
I'm not sure of your "equivalent thickness".  You would have to do analysis on both models and compare, no?  The load sharing depends on the air (or argon in some cases) between the panes.
I'm not sure I've answered your question, but I think there are easier ways to review double pane glazing than doing the Staad, or other, ways.

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Subject: modeling of composite panels

I still have the question , what is the equivalent thickness of laminated glass unit of any composition , and what is the equivalent thickness of a double glass unit in case I am modeling this panels in structural software like SAB or Staad, or any solid modeling software.
what is the load sharing in these cases?

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