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RE: Granite Artwork

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I forgot to mention that I am receiving the list in digest mode which makes it difficult for me to respond in a timely manner to other than those who have written me directly. I assume that my e-mail address (dennis.wish(--nospam--at) appears in the post and would appreciate all those who respond to do so both to the list and to me directly. I realize that this causes duplication of posts, but it seriously reduces the amount of mail I need to sort through on a daily basis.
I will try to remind all to respond to me in carbon copy (Cc...) in my signature at the bottom of each message I post to the list and hope for your cooperation.
Dennis S. Wish, PE
P.S. I have received two very helpful words of advice:
1. >From both Daryl Richardson and D.Woodham:

"AISI 304 of 316 series stainless for any connection embedded in the stone... regardless of the location. ASTM C 1242, Standard Guide for Design, Selection, and Installation of Exterior Dimension Stone Anchors and Anchoring Systems, also recommends 300 series stainless for all connectors in contact with stone ( Again, this is without consideration of the location."

2. From Daryl Richardson:

"I would suggest that you also install neoprene "bridge bearing" pads at all points of contact between the granite blocks.  These pads should prevent or greatly reduce sharp point loading between the blocks and, hopefully, reduce the possible resulting granite splits."

Both copies of responses have been taken out of context, but I believe reflect pretty accurately the intent of their recommendations to me - both of whom I am greatly indebted as I am those that I have not yet read who responded to the 2/8/03 Digest.