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ASCE 7, Wind Loads on Outside Piping

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I have never used this spec. and have a few stpuid questions as follows;
A. section 6.4.2 requires to calculate appropriate pressure or force coefficients per provisions of 6.7.
B. Section 6.7 says look at Figs 6-3 thru 6-8 for pressure coefficients & table 6-4 thru 6-8 for force coefficients (include gust factor).
1. For outside piping should we use both pressure & force coefficients? If yes, then the pressure coefficients are not defined in Fig. 6-3 thru 6-8 for outside "non structure" piping.  My guess is that we should only use the force coef. per table 6-7.  Which leads me to believe that we only need to calculate the forece on the system per expressions given in table 6-1.
2.  Table 6-1 if the fundamental frequency of the system is <1 Hz, then to calculate force on a pipiing system we also need to calculate Gf (the gust factor) by rational analysis.  What they mean by rational analysis?  How is that done?  
Thanks in advance,
Jay Zadeh