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RE: TS column embedded in cmu wall

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I would think this is next to impossible! Two 1 1/4" face shells plus 5" equals 7 1/2" versus 7 5/8" block width. You have no allowance for setting tolerance. Any slight movement will crack the masonry.
You might be better off setting the tube face flush with one face of the wall. Another option would be to use a 4" x 6" or 4" x 8" tube with the 4" dimension crosswise in the wall
Jim K.
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Subject: TS column embedded in cmu wall

Hello all,
I am designing a TS column to cantilever from the top of a cmu wall.  The column will be embedded in a cmu vertical cell down to the foundation where it will be attached with a baseplate.  A TS5x5 (which I need for my design) should fit into the cell of an 8" cmu block but that doesn't leave much room for grout around the column.
Also, for ease of construction, I am thinking of allowing the mason to build the wall around the column without a face shell and then attaching the face shell later.
I would be interested in anybody's experiences with each of the above and their recommendations.
-Dennis Pradere
MLA Engineering
Seattle, Washington