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Re: natural frequency of an antenna mounted on a 5 foot pole

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        Wind design procedures specified in the Canadian National Building Code can handle this problem if you have it available.  If not the same procedure is presented in the Shock and Vibration Handbook (which was referred to me by Christopher Wright a few months ago).  You can probably get this handbook at your local library if you don't have a copy.

        Using the data you presented and guessing at the rest I estimate you should design for the equivalent of 105 m.p.h.  Vortex shedding may be a consideration depending on the shape exposed to the wind.

        Hope this is helpful.


H. Daryl Richardson

Tom Mabry wrote:

How do I determine what is safe in terms of natural frequency for equipment mounted on poles.

I just did the calculations for an antenna mounted on a 6 foot pole( mounted on roof), the natural frequency is about 4 Hz, and how do I determine if this is ok at 90mph wind speed.

Tom Mabry

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