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RE: SE Fees for Building

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Architects are generally lucky to get 6% of the construction cost.  Structural Engineering is roughly 20% of the architectural fee.  At least that has been my experience.


Dave Puskas

BSW International - Tulsa

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Monday, February 10, 2003 5:01 PM
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Subject: RE: SE Fees for Building


Something between 0.75% and 2% of the building construction cost is typical.  Low end for repetitive easy jobs, 2% or more for harder, unique type work: (rehab and repairs).  I think for straightforward building projects the architect gets a bargain if your structural fee is 1% of less of the construction cost.


Jan Harris

Liberty Engineering

Virginia Beach, VA

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Subject: SE Fees for Building



There are some rule of thumbs for estimating the fees for structural engineering of buildings.  I am interested in how other engineers bid on projects especially new construction.  I understand the Architects generally charge about 10% for the architecture based on the total cost of construction.


Your input is appreciated.