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Re: Concrete Sounding

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What exactly is "deficient" about the concrete in question?  Deficient is actually a rather vague word.

Sounding,  as in chain dragging or hammer sounding,  is extremely effective for finding delaminated concrete.  Delaminations are typically due to corrosion of the reinforcement, but there can be other reasons.

Sounding may or may not be able to pick up other defects such as voids and honeycombing;  it depends on the skill of the person doing it,  as well as the extent of the deterioration.  Sounding can be used to identify fire damaged concrete, for example, if the individual has appropriate experience.

Testing companies will usually recommend a more high-tech option because this allows them to make alot of money off their investment in the high-tech equipment.  The individual accompanying the equipment may have limited experience with its use, even if you engage a "reputable firm".  

Most high-tech options have somewhere between a 50 and 75% sucess rate with whatever it is they are supposed to be able to do.  Note that the Schmidt hammer would not be considered a high-tech option, since it does not include a computer screen.  It also has about a 25% sucess rate.

It seems like you should give the contractor the chance to try his method - if it doesn't work pick another option.

Gail S. Kelley

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