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Re: FW: Interstitial Floor

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>From my experience with a VA hospital that I did some work on...see below:

> > Are these floors typically hung from the floor above?

Yes, for the most part.  On the project that I worked on, the framing
members framed into the columns, but the framing members were not designed
to span from column to column.  Rather there were intermediate supports
(hanger rods from the floor above) so that we could use rather small
beams (W6s come to mind but may have been W8s).

> >
> > What live load would you use in the design?
> >

I have to admit that I don't really recall, but I want to say something
like 40 or 30 psf.  May have been less for most areas with high loading
for some service "corridors".  Would be somewhat similar to attic space in
residential homes...i.e. not used for storage but just to access the ducts
and other mechanical/electical systems.

> > Are they required to be fire rated?
> >

Yes, at least on the project that I worked on.

> > What are typical floor construction materials?
> >

It was structural steel with a VERY lightweight concrete fill.  It was a
"special" system designed for use by/for VA hospitals.  The slab was
supported on the bottom flange of the steel members, then fire-proofing on
the exposed bottom flange if I recall correctly.  We basically used the
system that had been previously been developed and fire TESTED for a
previous VA hospital.  The concrete fill was so weak that we did not
assume that the interstitial floors braced the columns at all.  You might
be able to get the details from the VA for what they use.

> > Any input would
be greatly appreciated. > >
> Peter
> Glastonbury, CT


Ypsilanti, MI

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