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Re: SE Fees for Building

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Some of us here in British Columbia Canada have tried to rally engineers to try and get the fee rate up!  As you can gather, without success.  Our rates in British Columbia appear similar to those stated.  Here, Architects can get between 7% and 11%, sometimes higher, of total cost.  Our Association "suggests" the engineering fee be 6% of structural cost, or $18,000 (?).  Since the structural cost in standard buildings is about 20% to 25% the suggested fee is about .06 x .2 = 1.2% of total cost.  For most of us here, who have to compete with each other, our structural fee is often as low as 1%, or less, of structural cost!!
It's not in the interests of the "bigger" companies to support a drive for better fees, based on the fear that any sort of price fixing would undermine their ability/opportunity to undercut a competitor.  And there is lots of that in certain areas of the mainland (ie. Vancouver).
It could also be a sign of too many structural engineers, although BC is bemoaning the lack of interest in engineering of graduating students.
With the new SER (Structural Engineer of Record) designation (in BC) that will become mandatory after 2007 for all structurals taking responsibility for buildings requiring professional architects, engineers, the fee rate may take a jump.

Thor A Tandy  P.Eng, MIPENZ
Victoria BC
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...and REALTORS get 6% of the sale price on a home! Go figure.