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RE: Overhead anchors

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Title: RE: Overhead anchors

We avoid expansion anchors in overhead conditions because of the chance of installation in a void in the concrete.  Epoxy tends to fill the voids, so we usually specify that type for tension applications. 

I've heard that acrylic adhesives are better under extreme temperatures.  At least that's what Simpson Strong-Tie is advertising.

Brian Tarantino, P.E.
Baltimore, MD

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Subject: Overhead anchors

Engineers in our office have expressed concerns with using expansion anchors
in overhead applications, such as hanger supports, due to the potential of
long-term slippage under constant tension. I do not see any cautions noted
on the use of expansion anchors in such applications in manufacturer's
literature or in ICBO reports. Does anyone know if there is documentation of
slippage of "friction-type" anchors in constant tension applications?

We often prefer to use adhesive anchors in overhead applications, when
drilled-in anchors are required - but concerns have also been raised with
such anchors due to the potential softening of the adhesive in case of a
fire. Also, overhead installation of adhesive anchors is more difficult.
Does anyone have other recommendations for application of post-installed
anchors in overhead applications?

William C. Sherman, PE
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