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Re: loadings associated with sea conditions

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        I've been involved with this two or three times for structures secured to the deck of a ship for shipping purposes.  The only real difference is that you have to consider the dynamic forces (both laterally and vertically) resulting from the movements of the ship.  The associated velocities and accelerations are normally provided by a naval architect so you should ask "who is paying for this?" before you sign the contract.

        I should be surprised if the work is technically beyond the ability of any reasonably competent American structural PE.  You probably want to make a point of developing a friendly working relationship with the naval architect so that you can get additional advice and assistance from him or her.  You should find this an interesting learning experience; I know I did.


H. Daryl Richardson

Ken Peoples wrote:

I have been given a project to consider that involves building a structure to be installed on a ship.  I am looking for some guidance from those of you who are familiar with this type of work.  Perhaps this would be beyond my capabilities and I will ultimately have to decline the work, but I would at least like to look into it to see what is involved before I do so.  This may be too obscure for the general list so if any of you would like to respond in private to kpeoples(--nospam--at) please feel free to do so. Thanks, Ken Kenneth S. Peoples, P. E.
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