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RE: Historic Texts on Structure

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Title: RE: Historic Texts on Structure


Unfortunately, all of my good historic textbooks were brand new when I bought them as a college student ... way back in the era when slide rules ruled! :-(


Old Stan


David Sharp wrote:

I was wondering about what interesting engineering-related volumes different
list members may have collected over the years.

Most of my 'historic' volumes are (naturally) bolting related.  I did pick
up an interesting 2-volume set at a yard sale some years ago.  It is
entitled "Roofs & Bridges" by Merriman & Jacoby, (c) 1894, 1902.  Part 1 is
Stresses, and Part 2 is Bridge Design.  Fortunately, both have lots of good

AISC has quite a historic library as well.  How about the rest of you?