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Re: loadings associated with sea conditions

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I'm no expert either but here is something I remember
from my brief exposure to this kind of design some 10
years ago.

In addition to the points mentioned by Mateusz
Podskarbi,Mark D. Anderson, Thomas Hunt, H. Daryl
Richardson, it may be worthwhile considering the
stresses set up on account of the entire structure
being assembled as one piece and lifted by slings that
loop around "eye holes" fixed at some points in the
structure during erection and placement in position in
the ship.

The calculation of the center of gravity of the
assembly is now important and enough eye holes must be
located and fixed, considering the location of the
center of gravity, so that the assembly as a whole
does not tilt during erection.

The analysis of the structure is entirely different
now. Joints which are "supports" in the final position
are now "free". The eye-hook locations are now
temporary "supports". The structure is subjected to
self weight only under these conditions. 

People with experience in the design of off-shore
steel structures are best suited to advise you in this
matter. Specialized software exists for these kind of


G Vishwanath
Bangalore, India

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