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I am designing a 55ft tall, 3-story steel frame building with exterior masonry walls with a brick veneer. In some areas, there is a plenum, so that columns are not braced by floors. In these areas, the column span 55ft simply supported at floor and at roof levels. In the plenum , masonry is supported by girts spaced no more than 18 ft OC. I am concerned about the following:

1. What is the allowable masonry deflection. IBC 2108.9.4.6 limits this to .007H = H/142. But what about the brick veneer. The brick will be supported by shelf angles attached to the cmu at 18ft OC. 

2. The 8" masonry wall be constructed 55ft tall with steel framing out of plane from the masonry. The masonry does not support any other loads besides its self weight and the weight of the brick. Does  anyone see a problem with this.

3. I am planning on using dovetail/heckman type anchors for attachment to steel. These are flexible connectors to allow for movement between steel and masonry. Are there any standard details available for these and where can I get tensile and compressive capacities for such anchors. In a previos project I had bolted the steel to the masonry but that  building was low rise with a stiff frame. does anyone have other suggestions.       

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