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Structural steel end-plate moment connection question

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I would like to have some opinions from structural
steel experts on the list regarding the economics of
end-plate beam to column moment connections versus
field-bolted top and bottom flange-plate beam to
column moment connections.

The end-plate moment connection seems to be the
ultimate in simplicity - cut the beam and weld on the
end-plate.  The top and bottom flange plate moment
connection requires two flange plates, a beam web
shear connection and two fin tabs to support the metal
deck due to the flange plate preventing placement of
the deck on the top flange of the beam in the vicinity
of the flange plate.

What am I missing?  Why are end-plate moment
connections not more popular in this country
(especially for beam to column flange connections)? I
realize that when the moments get "too big" end-plate
moment connections can get ugly, but it seems that the
end-plate moment connection would be a good connection
for smaller moments.


Cliff Schwinger

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