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Re: Structural steel end-plate moment connection question

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Thank you to everyone for the answers you've been
posting so far regarding my question about end-plate
moment connections - keep them coming!

My take on some of the "disadvantages" are as follows:

I spoke to a fabricator about end-plate connections
and he said that they overcome the "beam too long"
problem by detailing and fabbing the beams 1/8" short.
It's easier to install a beam that is 1/8" too short
than one that is 1/8" too long.

I would think that the "problem" of the out-of-square
column flange causing fit-up problems might not be too
much of a problem if you have four bolts in the top of
the end-plate connection, that when tightened will
crank the column flange and end-plates in contact with
one another. (Four 1" dia A325 bolts x 51k pretension
force = 204k of clamping force squeezing the column
flange to the end-plate.)

I'm told that the equipment in most modern fabrication
shops is capable of accurately fabbing steel to the
tolerances required for accurate fit-up.

Our office indicates the design moments on the
contract documents and we allow fabricators the option
of designing their own moment connections if they
don't like what we designed.

Are there any fabricators, detailers, or connection
experts out there reading this? Is what I am saying
correct? If you have a moment, I'd shear like to hear
your thoughts!

Cliff Schwinger

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