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RE: Beam Bearing on Column

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The guidelines for "kicking out" of the top of the column can be found in the "Guide to Stability Design Criteria for Metal Structures" by Galambos, check out section 12.11 Faulty Details.  Beware of this type of condition, the stiffeners will definitely help, but the K value of the column can increase much greater than 2.0 if the top of the column is not braced properly.  As always, good detailing is the key to the stability of the structure.
Brian Tarantino, P.E.  Baltimore
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Subject: Beam Bearing on Column

Wondering what is the general consensus of a heavily loaded W24 beam being "sat" on top of a W12 column.  The webs are aligned and there are stiffeners added.  A small (W14ish) beam frames into the beam at the centerline of the column.  What guidelines are there for the "kicking out" of the top of the column?  Is the column truly braced at that level?