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" Harikrisnna,
Plese show some repect through using better
english in your message.  I assume that your asking for a description of a
Test procedure in your message.
Is this correct? Perhaps you are like me, very bad at typing,
Chris Lillback PE "

I have to believe that Chris, like myself, enjoys sarcasm. I also am
assuming he knows the person he made the sarcastic comment to, otherwise he
deserves getting his a$$ kicked the old fashioned way for his extremely rude
remarks. But why do I think he is sarcastic, besides not being able to
believe someone would be that blatantly rude on a professional list? It
seems he purposely made about four grammatical and punctuation mistakes
himself (including misspelling the person's name, which he could have easily
made a joke about), which is a clear indicator that he has a sense of irony,
albeit a harsh one.

On the other hand, I will play the devil's advocate and assume he is NOT
kidding. Then besides slapping him around a bit if I ever meet him, he
should realize the following things:

-Before you point out a sliver in your fellow man's eye, take care of the
glulam deep beam in your own.
-Learn another language or three, then perfect them, then post to foreign
language technical websites. Then you can criticize someone else in your
-You should have a huge sense of respect for foreign contributions to our
society in general, but specifically engineering and structures. I am sure
we could make a huge list of foreign born engineers and their contributions,
and go way back in time doing so.
-Emails and posts, have always been to my understanding, a more relaxed form
of written communication, free from rules regarding typos, grammatical
errors, and proper punctuation.

I would say next time keep that level of sarcasm to yourself, or at least
include a PS or a <wink wink> so the rest of us on the list get the joke.
Especially for the foreign listees who are probably boiling up right now at
your remarks, and rightly so. Let's keep this list about learning more about
structural engineering.

Andrew D. Kester, EI
Structural Engineer
Bentley Architects & Engineers
665 W. Warren Ave.
Longwood, FL 32750

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