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RE: CA Stamp /Seal Referral

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I was happy with this site for my WA PE stamp:

The little Washington head seems to be hard to get right, as I have seen a
number of stamps where Washington looks more like an amorphous blob than a
former president, but my stamp looks good.  I also like the fact that they
have a picture of a seal from the state on the page you use to order it,
which gave me some confidence that they knew what they were doing.  They
also seemed quite prompt in shipping.  

Paul Crocker, PE, SE

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You can also try LO Ink Specialties (  I got my Illinois SE
seal through them.  They supposedly handle seals for any state.  When I
did my Illinois SE seal through them, they messed it up the first time
(they did not included the lines for a signature and expiration dates as
indicated in my fax order, which was taken directly from the Illinois SE
act booklet) so they provided the corrected one at no extra charge.  When
I get around to ordering my seal for my Washington PE (haven't needed it
yet), I will likely order through them again.


Ypsilanti, MI

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