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Re: Crack control for swimming pool.

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        12 inches of settlement sounds scary to me!

        If you're actually setting this in the ground don't overlook the possibility of having a high groundwater level and the pool empty.  There is a potential for the side walls to cave in or for the buoyancy forces to lift the tank out of the ground; but I'm sure you know about this.

Respectfully submitted.

H. Daryl Richardson

Bill Marczewski wrote:

We are designing a swimming pool that has grade beams and one-way slabs spanning between the grade beams.  Strength analysis does not require a lot of reinforcing, however meeting the crack control requirements is becoming a tedious iterative process, only to find out we can't achieve the appropriate z-value.  We need a z-value of 43 corresponding to crack width,w = 0.004 inch (water retaining structures).  We need 3" of clear cover as we are pouring the slab on grade, then expect soil settlement on the order of 12 inches per the geotechnical investigation.  I have tried a lot of different bar sizes, and spacings.  Has anybody else been in a similar situation?  Thanks.

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