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Crack control for swimming pool.

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This is a common problem that I have run into designing footings.  You put 
more and more steel in the footing and still can't meet the z requirement.  
However, the code says that you only need to check for z using 60 ksi or 
greater steel as 40 ksi reinforcing does not produce crack problems.  
Therefore, the maximum reinforcing that I would put in the footing would be 
not more than would be required if I was designing for 40 ksi reinforcing.

It should be noted that this horrible z requirement is no longer in 318-02.


A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

Bill Marczewski wrote:

. > We are designing a swimming pool that has grade beams and one-way slabs
. > spanning between the grade beams.  Strength analysis does not require a 
. > lot of reinforcing, however meeting the crack control requirements is 
. > becoming a tedious iterative process, only to find out we can't achieve 
. > the appropriate z-value. We need a z-value of 43 corresponding to crack
. > width,w = 0.004 inch (water retaining structures). We need 3" of clear 
. > cover as we are pouring the slab on grade, then expect soil settlement on 
. > the order of 12 inches per the geotechnical investigation. I have tried a 
. > lot of different bar sizes, and spacings.  Has anybody else been in a 
. > similar situation? Thanks.

. > Bill S. Marczewski, P.E.

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