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wind engineering research

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(I broke this up from my other post so noone would fall asleep reading it

Not to get on a soap box, but Wind Engineering research needs more attention
from the government and from us. There is only like $4 million spend on
research in this field a year, even though wind related damage costs more
annually then ALL of the other natural disasters combined. Hurricane Andrew,
my namesake storm, cost my S FL bretheren $15 billion. For every dollar
spent on research, there is $1000 in damage. Seismic is $1:$45. Not that
they are not both huge concerns, but it seems like much more money and
attention is paid to seismic, and the result is we (well you west coast
guys) seem to know a lot more about it, then we know about wind. It also
seems like codes address seismic in a much more detailed fashion.

 I have to believe that this is directly related to gov't spending on
research in this area, probably with California and west coast engineers as
a driving force. I can tell from just reading discussions on this list how
much people, SEs and building officials, seem to know and understand about
seismic, yet there is always active and heated discussions on these issues.
I don't feel that or see that for wind, although maybe because the list is a
west coast thing. But I have learned that the SE and East coast is nowhere
near the west coast when it comes to these specific issues.

A good place for info is , you can join them and support this
research. Any opportunity to voice this need to politicians should be taken.

I would love to hear about how other engineers handle specific wind loading

Andrew D. Kester, EI

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